BSC and Schroders Offer Impact Investment to Retail Investors

BSC and Schroders Offer Impact Investment to Retail Investors

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Working with Big Society Capital, Schroders has launched a listed Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust to bring impact investment to ordinary investors. The fund uses a diversified Social Impact Investment strategy to deliver a positive social outcome with a financial return.

The social impact of the fund will be measured in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Impact Management Project. The fund will undertake an annual impact review and provide in-depth transparent reporting via an interactive website. The reporting will show where the fund’s assets are invested by region, enabling investors to see how their investment is having an impact across the UK.

The fund launch opens a new chapter for impact investment in the UK creating the opportunity for mass market participation in this asset class. The growth of the fund will undoubtedly be monitored closely as a bellweather for wider retail interest in accessible impact investment vehicles.

To find out more, please visit Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust - Private Investor - Schroders

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