Britain’s wealthiest give more: The Sunday Times Giving Index

Britain’s wealthiest give more: The Sunday Times Giving Index

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Britain’s wealthiest continue to prove their generosity with the top 30 most generous of the rich giving away nearly double last year’s donations.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List Giving Index, the richest 1,000 people have pledged or given away almost £2.3bn over the past year, which is nearly double that of last year’s £1.21bn, and is five times the amount of £450m given in 2006.

The Giving Index ranks Rich List members by the proportion of their total wealth donated to charity over the preceding 12 months. The average Giving Index for the top 30 donors was 26.42 in 2008, almost treble that of 9.36 last year (the median almost doubled, to 7.97 from 4.33).

The most popular causes were education, children and youth, humanitarian, and medical, with a more engaged and involved approach being reflected in the predominantly self-made male and female donors.

Alastair McCall, Editor of the Giving List, says, “Entrepreneurial confidence has fuelled unprecedented levels of giving”, with business entrepreneurs and financiers still dominating the top ten (see list below).

The dramatic growth in giving over the last three years is cause for optimism despite the current financial climate, according to McCall. “The philanthropy boom will not turn to bust as quickly as the economy,” he said.

The Giving List top 10
  1. Christopher Hohn
  2. Margie and Jamie Moffat 
  3. Sir Tom Hunter 
  4. Anthony D'Offay 
  5. Gordon Roddick 
  6. David and Heather Stevens 
  7. Lord Sainsbury 
  8. Clive Cowdery 
  9. Klaus Jacobs 
  10. Arpad Busson

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