Best philanthropy engagement award presented at the MPF Awards 2017 to Barclays

Best philanthropy engagement award presented at the MPF Awards 2017 to Barclays

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Yesterday evening the MPF Awards for Management Excellence 2017 took place in London. This year Philanthropy Impact sponsored a new award category celebrating Best philanthropy engagement by an professional wealth adviser organisation. This new award category developed in partnership with Richard Chaplin, Founder and Chief Executive MPF.  It  highlights the best practice of the firms that supports people of wealth, on their donor journey, thereby increasing the amount given to good causes.

Philanthropy Impact’s research demonstrates the significant role that professional wealth advisers can play in encouraging more and better giving by their clients and highlights the opportunity to engage professional advisers in the drive to increase philanthropy in the UK.

Our research shows that only 28% of professional advisory firms offer some form of private client philanthropy advice at this time and that very few of them have the ability to offer a comprehensive philanthropy service. Philanthropy Impact works to encourage professional wealth advisers to get involved in philanthropy advice to increase that number.

Not only do we believe we can increase the total amount of giving in the UK by encouraging advisers to speak about philanthropy with their clients, it also benefits advisers by deepening the relationship with clients and their families creating a stronger adviser-client relationship.

Philanthropy Impact considers offering some form of philanthropy advice to clients a missed business opportunity for advisers. Current research shows that providing philanthropy advice is something with great value for the next generation of clients which addresses a shifting value advisers must develop to meet.

The Best philanthropy engagement award was presented by Philanthropy Impact’s Chief Executive, John Pepin, to the winner Barclays at last night’s Awards ceremony and it the beginning of highlighting the remarkable efforts made by firms to help their clients on their philanthropic journey.

The nominated organisations: 

  • Barclays
  • Coutts
  • New Philanthropy Capital
  • Paradigm Norton Financial Planning
  • Prism the Gift Fund
  • Ten Years’ Time
  • WISE
  • Withers

Congratulations to the winner and those nominated for the award.

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