Amazing growth in Philanthropy UK readers reflects general trends

Amazing growth in Philanthropy UK readers reflects general trends

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A staggering 100% growth in Philanthropy UK’s newsletter subscriptions since its re-brand in March 2007 indicates that the philanthropy sector is thriving.

And, as the 2008 Sunday Times Giving List identifies, “The super-rich are engaged in unprecedented levels of giving. They are more directly engaged in the distribution of that money than ever before.”

Almost £2.38bn has been given away or pledged by the leading 30 philanthropists among Britain’s richest 1,000 individuals. This is nearly double the £1.21bn given last year, and more than five times the amount given in 2006.

Trends indicate that a majority are self-made men and women who want to have more control over their giving.

These trends affirm the findings of Philanthropy UK’s Wealth & Philanthropy report (2007), which revealed that more wealthy people are giving, and doing so during their lifetime rather than waiting to leave a legacy in their will; and that more individuals are seeking professional philanthropy advisory services.

Also, this growth in giving is being supported by a flourishing number of specialist advisors as well as philanthropy funds and other social investment opportunities: approximately two-thirds of those listed in Philanthropy UK’s Directory have been established in the past six years.

“It is heartening to see increasing generosity of philanthropists supporting good causes.  Philanthropy UK is delighted to provide a vehicle for the wider philanthropy community to engage with and celebrate this important sector, and to help raise the level of debate,” said Susan Mackenzie, Director of Philanthropy UK. 

Kevin Gundle, ARK trustee and Philanthropy UK contributor, describes the Newsletter as “very inspiring”, and Fiona Ellis, Director of the Northern Rock Foundation, calls it “a must read”.

The free, quarterly Newsletter, founded in 2002, and its companion fortnightly News Bulletin, are now read in over 50 countries – from Argentina to Papua New Guinea to the Ukraine – with contributors and subscribers representing individual philanthropists, grant-making foundations, corporates, professional advisors, social entrepreneurs, and charity trustees.

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