Showcasing extraordinary philanthropic contributions

Showcasing extraordinary philanthropic contributions

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GTF 2016 Awards for Excellence: Philanthropy & Positive Change

Philanthropy by definition refers to the love for humanity; philanthropy is about caring, supporting, enabling, developing and nourishing. In ancient Greece, where the origins of philanthropy can be found, it was adapted as an educational ideal. According to the Platonic Academy’s philosophical dictionary, it meant for someone to ‘be of benefit to humans’. Centuries have passed and though it has experienced immense changes and assumed different forms and principles over the years, philanthropy is still more relevant than ever and it continues to be at the core of contributing to humanity.

Philanthropy is currently experiencing an unprecedented amount of innovation, disruption and transformation. Never before have social needs, local and global alike, been more complex and pressing. In the 21st century, philanthropy earns a strategic dimension. At the core of this transformation is the will to hold business leaders and businesses more accountable, expand, and nurture the notion of ethical leadership and ethical/great companies. 

To cultivate and promote the role of philanthropy and the importance of contributing back to society in a responsible and accountable manner, it is crucial to recognise and highlight the efforts of leaders, individuals, companies and organisations that set an example with their philanthropic activities. It is important to create platforms where good practices are celebrated and exposed, so that others may learn, be inspired, look up to them and get encouraged towards more, better, more strategic and more accountable giving.

Global Thinkers Forum is a platform for thought leaders to share visions and conversations on accountable leadership, women’s empowerment and youth development. A great part of GTF’s accountable leadership focus is Philanthropy. GTF aims to expand the idea of values-based leadership and all stakeholder accountability, as we believe that accountable organisations are those who care about society as much as they do for their bottom line. In this effort, GTF acknowledges and promotes role models in Philanthropy.

This year our signature Global Thinkers Forum Awards Gala will celebrate Philanthropy & Positive Change and will take place on December 8, 2016, in London, UK.  Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence is a high-profile event that will showcase the capabilities of outstanding leaders, individuals and organisations with a proven track record of integrity and positive change that place their wealth in the service of Humanity. Among the Honourees the International Red Cross and AlWaleed Philanthropies. A live concert will be conducted by famous Belgian Maestro Sir Dirk Brosse.

The Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence Gala provides an entertaining, thought-provoking platform for conversation, exposure and high level networking with a selection of invited luminaries. As always, we will bring together in London leaders and representatives from businesses, philanthropic institutions, governments and civil society with a goal to exchange knowledge, promote business and raise awareness around the success stories for male and women leaders who lead by example.

To attend the GTF Awards for Excellence Gala, which will take place at the Institute of Directors, or to find out more please visit the GTF website.


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