Walk in my shoes series

Episode 14: Philanthropy and Social Investment: how do we achieve more and better from (U)HNWI

Walk in my shoes series

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22 Jun 2020 - 4:00pm to 4:30pm
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Join our CEO, John Pepin, as he chats with our Board member Jo Bateson, Partner, KPMG UK; Theresa Lloyd, consultant, adviser, and author, and John Nickson, Co-founder of the Our Common Good about the key issues, restrictions, and solutions that may impact on increasing philanthropic giving  and social investment.

Despite the increase of social income inequality over the past years, the donations by (U)HNWI over this period has remained static, and research shows that 90% of wealthy people don't give in any meaningful way. Among the UK's millionaire population, the median annual amount given is just £240-£500. We want to explore how can we encourage more wealthy people to give, and what is stopping them?
Our research shows that professional advisors play a significant role in reaching wealthy individuals and encourage them to consider giving or investing money in philanthropic initiatives in a meaningful and transformative way. A professional advisors role is pivotal at a time when the charity sector is now facing a massive loss of income due to the coronavirus crisis, which will impact on the most vulnerable in our society.
In this episode we will explore what this role looks like, how can advisors support clients on balancing their financial security and their committed philanthropic obligations?  Are advisors ready to address several economic and societal issues that the crisis has produced? What resources are available to advisors and their clients to navigate the response and recovery initiatives and ensure they are creating the most impact?


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