Vision and Mission


Vision: A world where individuals and families engage in philanthropy and social investment, supported by advisers.



Mission: Growing modern philanthropy by developing the skills and knowledge of professional advisers about philanthropy and social investment. We deliver our mission by delivering activities to support our members and key stakeholders.



Centre of Excellence

  • Events: a comprehensive programme of events including networking among philanthropy and professional advisers
  • Publications and Research: developing our ‘body of knowledge’
  • How-to best practice guides
  • Technical content & analysis
  • Case studies
  • Philanthropy Impact Magazine
  • Market research


Philanthropy Impact Public Affairs

  • Advocacy: lobby for policies and regulations that encourage philanthropic giving and social investment
  • Policy position submissions and papers
  • Engagement with Government and key policy stakeholders



  • Developing services and products designed to enhance professional advisers’ ability to meet their client needs for support on their philanthropic and social investment journeys
If you would like to know more about our team and our history, take a look at our About Us page