Simon Weil

Simon Weil MA Cantab, TEP specialises in capital tax planning in both UK and international/ cross border contexts for individuals and family offices and trustees, the resolution of potentially contentious issues arising out of Wills, trusts and co-ownership of property, philanthropy and charities and has been a Partner at Bircham Dyson Bell LLP since 1983.
Simon is Consultant to the Institute for Family Business, a member of the Trust Law Committee, the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Practitioners, The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law and the Charity Law Association.
Simon has been active in lobbying for greater philanthropic incentives in the UK. In particular, he has been working to promote the introduction of Living Legacies into the UK, following the model of the charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts, which have been available as tools for philanthropists in the USA for decades. In recent years he has been working with others on advocacy for the introduction of lifetime legacies in the UK and partook in the lobby which succeeded in prevailing upon the UK government to drop the proposed caps on tax reliefs for charitable giving originally contained in the 2012 Budget.
For several years, Simon was Chair of the European Association for Philanthropy and Giving, his chairmanship culminating in the merger with Philanthropy UK and The Philanthropy Advisors’ Group, which resulted in Philanthropy Impact, the leading charity in the UK philanthropy sector. His role as a philanthropy adviser is much enhanced by the empathic approach he is able to adopt due to the fact that he himself is a keen philanthropist.