Rupert Scofield

Rupert Scofield is the President and CEO of FINCA International. An agricultural economist with 40 years of experience in developing countries, he co-founded FINCA in 1984 with John Hatch. Since 1994, Rupert has served as President and CEO of FINCA International, the majority-owner of 20-community-based microfinance institutions and banks across Africa, Eurasia, Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia. Through this global network—known as FINCA Impact Finance—FINCA International is enabling access to responsible and innovative financial services for those living at the bottom of the pyramid. Under his leadership, FINCA has grown from a credit-only, group-lending program—the original Village Banking™—with 60,000 clients and a loan portfolio of $5 million to a network of innovative microfinance institutions offering a range of financial services across five continents with two million clients and a loan portfolio of over $1 billion.