Luis G. Fernandez


Luis G. Fernandez works as the Impact and Advocacy Manager for the CAF Global Alliance. He has strong expertise in results-based management approaches, social value creation and social impact measurement, including the development and implementation of impact frameworks. He contributed to the design of one of the United Nations’ main accountability and social impact frameworks and he led its implementation in different countries, working with UN agencies to increase transparency, accountability and maximise social impact. Luis also worked in the design, implementation and evaluation of specific social investment projects in many countries. At CAF, Luis has contributed to the development of Venturesome’s approach to financial risk and social impact and developed and implemented CAF’s global social impact framework. Luis has a strong international development background having previously worked for international NGOs and governments in several countries. The University of Bristol awarded Luis with a PhD in Social Policy after his research on economic and social impact of structural adjustment in Africa and Latin America. He has been a speaker in a number of conferences including: the Global Impact Forum; Social Value Matters conference 2014; Do Good Data conference; and, Critical Mass 2015. He is a member of SVI and coordinated the work that led to the creation of the SVI’s Skills and Competencies Group and the Russian and Brazilian country chapters of that organisation. He is a fellow of the RSA.