Janet McKinley

Janet McKinley, co-founder of Advance Global Capital (www.advanceglobalcap.com), has over 25 years of investment experience, having managed global portfolios in 3 of the 10 largest equity mutual funds in the US. She retired in 2004 as a director of Capital Research and Management Company (assets in excess of US $1 trillion) and principal executive officer of The Income Fund of America. An active philanthropist for over 20 years, Janet is Chair Emerita of Berkeley Endowment Management Company where she continues to serve on the board, with prior service as Board Chair of Oxfam America, and Board Trustee of Oxfam International, Smith College, the Deutsche Bank Microfinance Consortium Fund and MicroCredit Enterprises. She was a Fulbright Scholar, received her BA degree from Smith College and attended New York University Graduate School of Business.