Greg B Davies

PhD, Founder of Centapse
Greg B Davies, PhD is the Founder of Centapse – Decision Science, Applied. He is an expert in applied decision science and behavioural finance, turning academic insight into practical applications. In April 2016 he founded Centapse, a firm dedicated to applying sophisticated behavioural insight to design, develop and deploy solutions across industry to help people (and organisations) make better decisions. Greg started, and for a decade built and led, the banking world’s first behavioural finance team as Head of Behavioural-Quant Finance at Barclays. He was the architect of Barclays’ behavioural profiling tools and holistic Wealth Philosophy, delivering solutions tailored to both financial and emotional investment needs; and he designed Barclays’ innovative behavioural approach to impact investing and philanthropy.
He holds a PhD in Behavioural Decision Theory from Cambridge; is an Associate Fellow at Oxford’s Saïd Business School; a lecturer at Imperial College London; and author of Behavioral Investment Management. Greg is also the creator of Open Outcry, a ‘reality opera’ which premiered in London in 2012, creating live performance from a functioning trading floor. @GregBDavies