Dr Beth Breeze


Beth Breeze began her career as a fundraiser for a youth homelessness charity, and has spent a decade working in a variety of fundraising, research and charity management roles, including as deputy director at the Institute for Philanthropy.

In 2010 she completed a doctoral thesis on contemporary UK philanthropy, and now directs the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent where she leads a range of research projects and teaches courses on fundraising, philanthropy and volunteering.
Beth has written widely on issues related to charitable giving and philanthropy including the annual Million Pound Donors report, studies of how donors choose charities, user views of fundraising, family business philanthropy and corporate philanthropy from the perspective of the shop floor. Her first book ‘Richer Lives – Why Rich People Give’, co-authored with Theresa Lloyd, was published in 2013. Her current projects include a major study of UK fundraisers (supported by the Leverhulme Trust) as well as projects on giving circles and philanthropic journeys.

Beth is keen to take ideas and research findings to a wide audience. She frequently speaks at voluntary sector events around the country and has written about philanthropy and charitable giving in a range of media outlets including the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Prospect magazine, New Statesman, BBC online and all the charity sector publications.