Claire Allan


Claire Allan leads Farm Africa’s impact measurement and learning function. Responsible for ensuring tools, systems and skills are in place to measure our impact on the ground, Claire’s work is instrumental in obtaining robust evidence of what drives success in different contexts, helping us to understand and expand our impact.
Claire holds a Master degree in Economics from the University of Glasgow and a Masters in Applied Development Economics from the University of Cape Town. Before joining Farm Africa she worked as an economist in the government of South Sudan, providing analytical support to the newly formed Macroeconomic Planning Department of the Ministry of Finance during the transition to independence. She has also worked in the UK government as an economic analyst, supporting evidence-based policymaking on issues of environment and education in Scotland. In this role she developed an interest in the economic valuation of environmental assets and services – an interest that continues to inform her work today.
Claire has developed extensive professional experience in the public and nonprofit sectors, specialising in results measurement, organisational learning and analytical capacity building. She has lived and worked in five continents and has a passion for improving the use of evidence in decision-making.