Magazine article
In our previous magazine, entitled What Kind of Society Do We Want To Build, there were 42 articles; the authors, their colleagues and their organisations proactively designing and implementing a ‘new normal’ — very inspirational, indicating the future holds promise.
Part of the solution is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a call to action on multiple levels. They are a universal means of achieving a just society with a healthy and sustainable economy, society and biosphere. As can be seen, a just society is about more than just rights.
Part 1 of this magazine SDGs – Driving Current Priories: Leading to a Just Society addresses the issue in a number of ways. Andrew McCormack asks the question: can the world achieve sustainable development? Responding: “The world has the appetite and capacity for sustainable development. It has less than a decade to show the collective determination it needs to achieve its common goals.”Other articles outline how SDGs applied in environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact investing can support the changes needed to achieve the SDGs, applying suitability criteria to enable investors to live their values and achieve their ambitions. To this end, Greg Davies explores the behavioural implications impacting on everything from philanthropic giving to impact investing. Michael Alberg-Seberich addresses the SDGs from another perspective — the challenge of measuring impact. As he states: “The SDGs are not perfect, but they open the door to intense client conversations about impact.
The effect of the SDGs on the corporate discourse on impact targets is an indication for this.” International examples are explored in a number of articles from Russia to Asia to India; including a case history of an international philanthropist who is part of the Maverick Collective. The latter, Stasia Obremskey, sums it up: “My motto these days is “yes, And.” YES philanthropy AND impact investing, to have more influence on women’s lives. YES, invest locally AND globally as the needs are great in both markets. YES mission AND financial returns to drive more investment capital into women’s health. YES, education AND more and better products that enable women to manage their fertility, allowing them to make their mark on the world.
The world so needs the minds and voices of women, working with men, to solve our most pressing problems — from climate change, economic inequities and disparities in health, education and well-being. Let’s invest in improvements in reproductive health and education for women and girls to make the world a better place.” This is just the beginning. There is a worldwide movement in support of achieving the SDGs, a momentum leading to a just society. Just watch this space… as SDGers in
multiple environments, on a neverending road, create a sustainable world with healthy and sustainable economies, societies and biosphere.