Overheard on Twitter: 5 trending stories last month on #philanthropy


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The ‘hashtag’ is a way to give your tweet a theme, so we looked through some of the most ‘retweeted’ articles on #philanthropy to give you a flavour of what has got people buzzing over the last month (in no particular order):
1.‘Philanthropy must do more to influence policy, say government
officials’: the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on a major US
conference that looked at public policy as the route to ‘big impact’ for
2. ‘Notes on the limitations of Strategic Philanthropy’: a foundation
veteran argues in The Nonprofit Quarterly that the merits in not being
strategic are often overlooked:
3. ‘The Most Generous Philanthropists in Africa 2012’: their giving is still
in millions rather than billions but this guide from Forbes magazine
will help you understand the new wave of donors coming out of
Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and even Zimbabwe.
4. ‘Next Gen donors and their plan for greater impact’: Gen X and
Millennial donors really are different, says a new study reported in the
Stanford Social Innovation Review:
5. ‘Is doing good “Good Enough”?’: a provocative call to unleash the
power of self-interest in philanthropy from the Huffington Post:
All US stories at the moment, hopefully Philanthropy Impact Magazine will bring a voice from the other side of the pond to #philanthropy. And don’t forget to follow Philanthropy Impact on Twitter: @philanthropyimp