Inspiring local philanthropy: Making a difference in local communities


Magazine article

Coutts, in association with New Philanthropy Capital and the Community Foundation Network

Four out of five philanthropists support local charities, often fuelled by the desire to make a difference in the communities that matter to them.

This report highlights various ways that donors can get involved, from volunteering to funding local charities to collaborating with other funders. It also shows how donors can deepen their understanding of needs within their local area, giving snapshots of five UK regions, including key statistics and an assessment of funding gaps.

As well as being a practical guide for individuals who want to support their local communities with their giving, this report is also an inspirational piece, incorporating stories from individuals who share their experiences of local giving. These stories show that there are all sorts of opportunities for people to engage with their local area, and the rewards can be significant. When giving is done thoughtfully, even small sums of money can make a big impact and bring about real community transformation.

Coutts & Co: London, October 2011, 48 pages