10 Commandments of Smart Philanthropy


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Underperforming philanthropy is a waste of money.

  1. Be Strategic: a smart philanthropic strategy starts by defining the societal value that it seeks to enhance.
  1. Think Long.
  1. Self-sufficiency is a myth: smart funders work toward long-term sustainability.
  1. Fund at the right level.
  1. Fund (good) overhead and capacity building.
  1. Measure the right things: long-term impact is critical.
  1. Balance restricted and unrestricted gifts.
  1. Be part of the community.
  1. Don’t go it alone: smart funders are networked and work in partnership. Share information and collaborate with others.
  1. Have a balanced portfolio. The same level of care that goes into creating an investment portfolio should go into devising a good philanthropic portfolio.


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