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This report has been created in response to demand from Barclays clients for information on what they need to know before donating to feel confident that their donation will be...
Hamrah Co

Hamrah provides information and support predominantly to Iranian and Farsi speaking community members worldwide on the disease of addiction, its various manifestations and effects on family members.


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How can philanthropy make a permanent difference? How to achieve lasting change? Do philanthropists consider a sustainable, long-term outcome, or are they more emotional about their giving? Resoundingly, philanthropists declare...
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In theory, long-term shareholder interests are aligned with environmental and social good. How does this work? Large institutional investors, most of them pension funds are, in effect, ‘Universal Owners’, as...
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Maybe getting donors to give better is cheaper and easier than getting them to give more.
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This blog from Ariadne explore what funders, who took part in the 2016 Forecast, think will shape their work over the next year and why.
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The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania recently announced a $10 million commitment from Wharton alum Anne Welsh McNulty, which will drive the expansion and global reach of the...
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To give from your time can also be a type of philanthrpoy. Read this inspirational story on how volunteering can be a way of giving back.
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Philanthropists and foundations often set themselves highly ambitious goals. The biggest and most intractable social problems, however, aren’t always best tackled by the biggest charities. Lloyds Bank Foundation works day...

Founded in Bangladesh and now working in eleven countries, we are by some measures the largest non-governmental organisation in the world, an innovator in poverty eradication and a social enterprise offering sustainable...