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Social foundation established to support charities skill-building

Social foundation established to support charities skill-building


A new organisation that aims to overcome social exclusion by sharing knowledge within the third sector and networking with the support of a donor community has been founded by well-known social entrepreneur Emma Harrison.

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) is an international, not-for-profit that aims to help small to medium sized organisations become more efficient and effective by offering hands-on assistance. Thanks to investment from Harrison, founder of international training provider 4Ae, the consultancy services will be offered for free, primarily to charity sector organisations with incomes under £5m.

Speaking at its inaugural conference last week, Harrison said the foudation was formed after she took part in Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire programme and realised that giving money to a community group would help them for a year but without a fundraising capacity they could not grow.

She called upon the former national campaign manager for the NSPCC’s Full Stop appeal, Pauline Broomhead, to help and the idea for the foundation grew.

The FSI’s principle objective is ‘to work in partnership to learn, share learning and help build long-term efficiency, capacity and sustainability into the Third Sector working with those who are socially and economically disadvantaged’ and aims to achieve this with facilitating training, connecting donors to causes, engaging with government and awarding excellence.

Visit FSI’s website to find out more about the foundation’s work .