Financial inclusion for women – opportunities to maximise social impact

“Women reinvest 90% of every dollar earned into their families’ education, health and nutrition.” Harvard Business Review, 2013

Financial inclusion for women – opportunities to maximise social impact

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25 Apr 2017 - 8:00am to 11:00am
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Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP, 15th Floor, Milton House, Milton St, London EC2Y 9BH
+44 (0) 207 407 7879
Culture, tradition, laws and lack of education are just a few of the factors that contribute to the financial exclusion of women. 145 million women are unbanked in sub-Saharan Africa and women entrepreneurs face barriers accessing financial support. This has negative implications for women’s businesses, families and communities.
This event will explore the barriers and solutions to financial inclusion for women with a focus on low income countries. The panel will discuss the role that financial institutions, SMEs, private investors, philanthropists, microfinance institutions and charities can play in addressing the gender imbalance and bringing about social change. At this event the panel will address the following questions and more:
  • How can investors and philanthropists increase financial inclusion for women?
  • Does gender equality matter to investors and financial institutions? Should it matter?
  • Does microfinance work?
  • What role could impact investing play in increasing women's access to financial support?

Chair: Suzanne Biegel, Senior Gender Lens Investing Adviser, Wharton Social Impact Initiative, Wharton Business School & Catalyst at Large

Speakers: Robert Jenkins, Africa Investment Director, Gatsby Foundation; Elizabeth Corley, CEO, Allianz Global Investors; Justin Sykes, Managing Director, Innovest Advisory; Luke Ding, Investor and Philanthropist.

Philanthropy Impact would like to thank Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP for generously hosting this event. This event is developed together with MicroLoan Foundation. 

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Professional advisers, philanthropists, social investors, trusts and foundations