Emergent and Strategic Philanthropy – Evidence Based and Innovative Foundation Approaches to Better Giving

At this event we will discover how emergent philanthropy can be used to tackle complex social problems and how it differs from strategic philanthropy.

Emergent and Strategic Philanthropy – Evidence Based and Innovative Foundation Approaches to Better Giving

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2 Nov 2017 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
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Berenberg, 60 Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8HP
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The concept of strategic philanthropy, consisting of clear goals, data driven strategies, heightened accountability and rigorous evaluations, have gained momentum during the last decades. Lately, grantees and funders have been struggling with this concept and from this disruption, a new concept of emergent philanthropy has been developed. It derives from the thought that if funders are to make better progress in meeting the urgent challenges of today they should move towards a more nuanced model of emergent philanthropy which is better aligned with the complexity of today’s societies and social problems.
Associated issues and challenges relate to foundation effectiveness, accountability and performance measurement – and the implications of how foundations organise themselves to achieve impact whilst managing risk. At this event participants will review approaches to foundation-recipient inter-relationships and their implications, especially as it relates to overly complex application and reporting processes and communications.
  • How emergent philanthropy differs from strategic philanthropy
  • In what situations the different approaches would be most efficient
  • How does a foundation measure its impact if there is little benchmarking
  • Who are exemplars and what are their characteristics and impact.

Chair: Richard Brass, Head of Wealth and Asset Management UK, Barenberg

Interview: Dame Stephanie Shirley, Founder, The Shirley Foundation

Panel: Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Director, Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University; Sara Llewellin, Chief Executive, Barrow Cadbury Trust; Fran Perrin, Founder and Director, Indigo Trust; Carol Mack, Chief Executive, Association of Charitable Foundations. 

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