Amsterdam: Advice (U)HNW Women and Next Gen want, but don’t get, from Wealth Advisors

.... and why wealth advisors should care

Amsterdam: Advice (U)HNW Women and Next Gen want, but don’t get, from Wealth Advisors

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11 Apr 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:30pm
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Loyens & Loeff, Fred. Roeskestraat 100, 1076 ED Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Over 90% of (U)HNW heirs will change financial advisors promptly after receiving their inheritance, according to the Institute for Preparing Heirs. Nearly 70% of that inherited wealth will go directly to women, who have distinct ideas about money when compared to their male counterparts. In particular, research shows women are especially interested in using their wealth for charitable activities.
According to research (#NEXTGENDONORS Johnson Center for Philanthropy) and to anecdotal evidence women and millennials are driven by values, not valuables, impact and measuring return on investment are their primary focus, and venture philanthropy is one of the preferred models.
As a result millennials and women of wealth are expecting more than wealth advice from their professional wealth advisers – they want to discuss approaches to philanthropy and social investment as part of their wealth planning. In addition professional advisers must deal with the complexity of providing advice to multi generations. The panel and discussion with attendees will focus on the following:
  • Trends amongst next generation wealth holders and women of wealth and what they look for from their advisors
  • Outline of key changes and research in this area including performance and measurement, strategies, and motivation
  • Next Gen philanthropists will discuss their donor journey and family dynamics as well as how they live their values

Chair           Pieter van Onzenoort, Civil law notary, Family Owned Business & Private Wealth, Loyens & Loeff

Speakers    Caroline Dusee, Philanthropist; Leonard van Oord, Millenial philanthropist; Daphne Engelke, Executive Director, Desk Head Global UHNW Benelux, UBS.

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Philanthropy Impact would like to thank Loyens & Loeff for generously hosting this event and our local Committee in Amsterdam for helping produce this event: Robert Boogaard, Jazi Foundation; Jacqueline Detiger, Beter Geven; Kees Kaffka, Beter Geven; Jacqueline Komin, InsingerGilissen; Andrew Mackay, Van Lanschot; Ellen Minkenberg, Loyens & Loeff; Gerda Schilder, Loyens & Loeff.

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